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If buildings could talk they would be able to give us some fascinating insights into the social history of an area and none more so than the Village Hall here in Staverton, Northants. Built in 1934/5 it has been at the centre of village life, not just geographically but socially as a venue for celebrations of birthdays, weddings, christenings and a place to meet and remember and celebrate the lives of  villagers who have died. On a weekly basis mums and their tots meet to chat and play and make music. The fighting fit, and those that wish they were, meet to learn about yoga and dance fitness. There is our resident dancing school where aspiring Freds and Gingers can come to learn all the ballroom and Latin moves that look so easy on Strictly Come Dancing.  The WI meet monthly to chat, discuss, make friends,  listen to guest speakers, plan outings and events and drink tea and eat cake. The Parish Council meet monthly to discuss the issues that concern the upkeep and appearance of the village and its surroundings.  The Church, lacking a hall of its own, holds regular events like the harvest lunch and we use it to practice our choral music when the Staverton Singers get together at Christmas and times of celebration.

We vote there. We meet there.

And that is at the heart of what the Village Hall means to me and the other members of the Committee. It is a place for the villagers to come together as a community and a place for the villagers to invite their friends to enjoy and participate in events-plays, musical evenings, children’s theatre, art exhibitions, afternoon teas, quiz nights, jazz night.

The Hall is completely self funding. All the costs of upkeep and maintenance have to be met by the Committee, either from letting revenue or from events that we organise, from the generous yearly donations of villagers and from the Village Tote.

In 2005 the Committee raised a staggering £86,000 through fund raising, grants and donations to give the Hall a huge makeover. It was transformed from a drab, leaking, unpleasant place to be into the warm, bright, airy space it is today. We are very proud of it, and very proud and grateful to the legion of villagers who have served on the Committee since 1935 maintaining the Hall as a vibrant, vital focal point of our village.

We cannot be complacent. We will always need your support so why not browse through this website and see if there is anything happening at the Village Hall that interests you or whether it may be the place to hold that party you’ve been thinking of for ages!

You are guaranteed of a warm welcome! We would love to see you!

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