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Shoo Shoo Baby

18th April 2015

I bet the next time Ray buys a ticket for a show at a Staverton Village Hall cabaret night he won’t sit on the front row! But when Anna Braithwaite was bemoaning her single state and explaining to Tanya Holt what her ideal man would be- grey, rich and wearing an orange sweater – Ray fitted the bill perfectly and by the end of the second half might have disappeared with him into the sunset after their onstage ‘wedding’ is she hadn’t been reminded by Tanya that she had a show to finish!

Bright, witty, exquisitely harmonious and dressed to kill the girls and James their accompanist aka Shoo Shoo Baby dazzled the 87 strong audience packed into the Village Hall on the 18th April with their new show ‘Off the Scale’. The programme of witty original songs written from the perspective of a couple of wildcats looking back over their lives, as even wild cats must do at times, was perfectly aimed at the more mature nature of the audience with songs titled ‘Middle Age – Where have you been all my Life!’ and the anthem to the beauty of middle age ‘Smeg, Bosch, Electrolux and Siemans’.We were treated to old favourites - ‘No business like Show Business’ and ‘All by Myself’ and music from composers as diverse as Verdi to Meat Loaf, Irving Berlin to the Communards.

It was another memorable evening at the Village Hall – check out Shoo Shoo Baby’s web site and see what you missed!

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