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Staverton in the Frame

12th July 2014

Walking round the village with my dog Tigger one day I noticed a jar of artist’s paint brushes in a window so, being a retired Art teacher and fairly nosey I started making enquiries. I knew that 2 other members of the Village Hall Committee were painters and so the idea of a village exhibition began to take shape. Our secretary Philippa Powell took the lead having organised similar exhibitions in Flore and gradually we began to realize what a wealth of talent lay behind the closed doors of Staverton.

Painting, printing, sculpting, potting, knitting, decoupage, embroidery, quilting, photography it’s all happening here and as the exhibition took shape we were genuinely amazed at the quality of the creative work that was displayed.

The exhibition opened on Friday 11th July at 5pm with over 65 visitors coming to browse  and enjoy a glass of wine. On Saturday and Sunday a steady stream of villagers, their friends and family and lots of visitors from the surrounding villages and Daventry came to look around, buy art works and enjoy coffee, tea and a selection of cakes almost as varied as the work itself!
As Chair of the Village Hall Committee it was the type of event I love, the Hall buzzing with the conversation of friends and neighbours and welcoming people who had perhaps never been before. I’ve lived in Staverton for 14 years and loved every minute of it but I must confess I never realised what talents and creativity lay beneath the surface. Long may it continue!

The Committee would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who helped, donated cakes and joined in in general. The commission from the sales and the donations offered for refreshments have been divided between St Mary the Virgin Church here in the village and the Village Hall.

Isy Shackleton

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